Nashville, TN

Hey all,

I’ve been working on my new solo record and am happy to say that it’s just about finished. It has taken me a while because I’ve also been busy with a few other projects, of which I’m very proud. And it gets better; I’m making Readymade Records a legitimate label. It has been a concept for a long time, but now is becoming a reality. It’s very exciting, but more about that later.

I want to introduce you to Readymade recording artist, Young Hines. A friend turned me on to his demos some years back and I’ve been stalking him ever since. We’ve just finished his record and it’s due out early next year. Originally from Atlanta, he’s now based here in Nashville. And those fortunate to live in his home town have the chance to say “I saw him when…”. He’s opening for The Raconteurs November 13th at The Tabernacle.


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